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Based in Spain, was founded LEKUE INDUSTRIES   in 1941 becoming its main activity in industrial distribution. Remains committed since its inception to provide the best service to its customers LEKUE INDUSTRIES serves a wide range of customers in the chemical and petrochemical, refinery, general industries, shipbuilding, automobile, mining, engineering, nuclear ... And other sector storers It has more than 30,000 m2 spread over their centers SEVILLE, CADIZ and CORDOBA. these facilities are fully equipped to meet all the needs of their customers.

Committed to caring for the environment

Ecologists believe in Lekue've always careful that all materials that contribute to the industry compliance with current regulations regarding certain environmental care. Caring for our environment is everyone's job and Industries Lekue assume our part.

National and International

Besides its relevance in the Spanish domestic market, Industries Lekue is increasingly impact in the international market. We import and export. Import ... Looking for the best solution for our customers in quality and price, always emphasizing the quality in all our operations and discarding all materials that do not meet the demanding guarantees we set for all imported products, for this we have our own quality control at home we can offer a 100% guarantee on our items. We export ... Since our inception we have always been in constant expansion and always concern had to land in new markets Lekue Industries has been exporting its products by opening a international portfolio in a short time has achieved a major share of business.

Customer Guarantee

The relationship between Lekue Industries and its customers is based on an excellent personal attention. In Lekue not only find a provider, find a specialized partner for your company that will advice at all times and will make your work easier and efficient. The success of our customers is our success and therefore the Lekue Industries team will become an important and indispensable for the proper functioning of the industry.